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Method water hot spring


Water springs is located in the water village, Zixi County, Jiangxi Fuzhou Song Town convenient transportation, tourism location, close to 316 National Road and the eagle Rui high-speed, 20 kilometers from the county town of Zixi, between the resort of Mount Longhu and Wuyishan between the famous Chinese and foreign, adjacent to the Jiangxi Jue Scenic Area, 70 kilometers away from Mount Longhu, 170 kilometers away from Wuyishan.

      Methods two cases with water springs out of the hillside in the lotus hill a boulder, in a cold hot spring, hot hot spring hot spring, cold spring cold biting. A variety of trace mineral elements, which are beneficial to the human body, belong to high quality and hot spring. Around the hot springs of dense forest, the quiet river winding ancient trees tower to the skies. There are fish, said the tilapia is rich in here, known for Yu Hai inside and outside.

According to "Zixi county" records, the origin of the name as "the original water temple name in water, ground water and also". Ancient temple built on the side of the hot springs, because the water has the health of the people's health, the magic incomparable, it will be the temple called the "water law"".

The open-air hot spring area surrounded by mountains more than and 60 Wang arranged in a crisscross pattern different characteristics of hot spring bath, like a jade belt mountain. Each hot spring pool uses the most popular "uninterrupted water injection and natural loss" of the current circulation design, according to the order of water drainage, cleaning, disinfection, and always keep the spring water quality and hygiene.

In the spa area with a sauna room, steam room, gym and Spa department; two floor with fragrance house, beauty salon, chess room, massage room, Internet cafes and luxury at their own expense lounge, lounge free offers a variety of fresh fruits and a variety of delicious drinks, guests can bathe in hot springs after self-cultivation.

The open area of a total of more than and 20 open-air hot spring pool, people can make hot springs tired body to restore vitality, or through the hot springs the perfect shape, but also accompanied by wind chimes on the birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers, the ring, now just relax completely and meditation, nature together.