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Dajue Mountain Ancient Town Hotel

    Dajue Ancient Town Hotel is located in Zixi County, Jiangxi Province. It is located in the depths of the Grand Canyon, surrounded by hills. It is equipped with all wood structure, advanced fireproofing facilities, luxurious interior decoration, intelligent and intelligent room facilities, and comfortable living environment. , Feel contented! The location of the room is divided into: river rafting landscape room, posthouse Deluxe King Room, West Inn Inn elegant double bed room, the first floor of the duplex room and luxurious standard room, chic theater buildings. Li Fu compound building, the whole room as a whole: luxury duplex buildings, luxury suites, luxury bed room, Deluxe Standard Room. The province CD -, unique.

    Tel:(0794-5793888) address(Long mountain scenic town)


    Luxury Suite

    Deluxe Suite is located inside the Lee House compound, the room size: 60m2, bed: 2m × 2m. The room has: luxury living room, luxury toilets, luxury bedrooms, bedroom decoration classic, warm and elegant! Classical meeting room: spacious, high-end, the atmosphere, the grade. The bathroom is divided into the living room toilet and bedroom toilets, luxurious and comfortable interior decoration. The hospital has: Deluxe Standard Room, Deluxe King Room, deluxe restaurant, conference room, tea room.



    Deluxe Duplex Suite

    Luxury duplex room Mainly in the drift river and the top floor, in the drift river at the duplex room has an independent viewing balcony, elegant environment, unique. Duplex room area of 60m2, upstairs for the bedroom, downstairs for the living room, equipped with two large-screen LCD TV, luxury toilets, skylights and other intelligent automation equipment.



    Deluxe king bed room

    Deluxe Big Bed Room The main divisions are in the drifting river course, posthouse, west gate inn. Room size: 36m2; Bed: 1.8m × 2m; luxury toilets, showers, intelligent toilet and so on. The room has a smart skylight, smart curtains, large-screen LCD TV.


    Luxury standard

    Deluxe standard room in the drift of the main river, the top floor. Room size: 36m2, bed: 15m × 2m; with: luxury toilets, large-screen LCD TV, skylights and other intelligent automation facilities.

  • 298RMBDen/Night
  • 398RMBDen/Night
Fashui spa Hotel

    Dajue Mountain Resort (Four Star), located in the East China region with the highest forest coverage, the oxygen-rich area - Zixi Village, Zixi County, is the best choice for the four-star service. , Is China's first original ecological health spa, but also the preferred Taoist health. The resort has a unique hot and cold "mandarin duck spring", and the hot spring water is rich in minerals "selenium", can drink can be a bubble, is a unique water quality is tilapia unique living environment. Accommodation with a hot spring ticket, France water hot springs welcome you! 

    Tel: 0794-5669666

     Address: Zixi Song Town, water village,Zixi county law water village

  • 279RMBDen/Night
  • 388RMBDen/Night
Taiwan style garden

    When you feel the passion from the Grand Canyon, after drifting Canyon, located in the Dajue Mountain Scenic Area, a strong flavor characteristics of Taiwan resort hotel waiting for you to experience - Taiwan style garden. There are Taiwan style restaurant, Taiwan snack street, Taiwan mountain restaurant, Taiwan merchandise sale area, multi-function hall, Taiwan minority cultural performance field and quiet and comfortable high standard rooms. Oh, in the capital of Taiwan will be able to enjoy the food and customs. 

    Tel: 0794-7155555, 7156666, 7151999 

    Address: Daxing Village, Zixi County, Province

  • 288RMBDen/Night
  • 328RMBDen/Night
Green Island International Hotel

    Outside, treat yourself, enjoy the comfort of four-star service choice - Green Island International Hotel. Surrounded by water, elegant environment, in strict accordance with the national four-star hotel standard decoration design luxury hotel. The hotel has suites, multi-functional meeting, banquet hall, business center, chess room, sauna, recreation center, shopping malls and entertainment clubs, modern entertainment and leisure business facilities. Features Chinese and Western restaurants, to provide you with the authentic Jiangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Cantonese cuisine and Yan Bao Chi and other food. Phone: 0794-2389988  Hotel Telephone: 0794-2389988Fax: 0794-2384888Website: http: //  Address: Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, the capital of Hecheng Shayuan,Zixi County town of crane town (Green Island International Hotel)

  • 388RMBDen/Night
  • 438RMBDen/Night
Dongyuan Hotel

    Dongyuan Hotel is a multi-functional three-star hotel integrating food, lodging, conference, tea bar and information service. It has a parking area of more than 300 square meters. The hotel is luxurious and elegant. Since the opening in September 2012 so far, the management system, facilities, equipment and services projects have been continuously improved and upgraded. The hotel adhering to the "people-oriented, Yikeweizun, create a win-win" modern management concepts and "not the best, only better" service concept and dedication to all guests to provide "at home" service.  Tel: 0794-5658666 Address: Zixi County Road No. 88 construction

  • 158RMBDen/Night
  • 188RMBDen/Night
New Continental Grand Hotel

    The hotel is located in the Luxi River, 1 km from the railway station, 7 km from the Dajue Mountain area, on the second floor with food and beverage department, the hall decoration (three-star hotel) Elegant, elegant, warm, for the hotel guests to provide all kinds of delicious cuisine. There is a conference room for up to 80 people. There is a large parking lot to facilitate the team bus parked. 

    Tel: 0794-5780888 

    Address: East Road, Post Office Building 

  • 119RMBDen/Night
  • 159RMBDen/Night
Golden Eagle Business Hotel

    Golden Eagle Business Hotel and Zixi County Administrative Center Building echoes, north to the dragon and tiger mountain, south to Wuyishan, and the county-level large-scale ecological tourist destination . The hotel set food, accommodation, sports, entertainment, conferences, information services as one of the three-star multi-functional hotel. The hotel has a large parking lot and a luxurious and elegant presidential suite. There are various types of standard rooms, deluxe business suites, large meeting rooms for 150 people, business center and so on.

     Tel: 0794-5780999 

    Fax: 0795-5796588 

    Address: Zixi County, opposite the Executive Center Square ,Next to the administrative center of Zixi County(Golden Eagle Business Hotel)

  • 165RMBDen/Night
  • 168RMBDen/Night
Zixi Food Corridor Hostel

    Zixi County Food Corridor Hostel 12 km away from the county seat, a beautiful rural scenery, only 3 minutes from the new moon Yu village. Clean the room do you live in a warm bed and breakfast, eat at ease, to experience at home at leisure.
    Eat in the corridor, a misty Gu Xiang, enjoy the scenery.
    Tel:18970403613 18079462745

    Address: Wushi town lawn Village

  • 108RMBDen/Night
  • 128RMBDen/Night
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