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    Is located in the Song Town, Jiangxi Province, under the Lotus Village Lotus, the famous Chinese and foreign tourist attractions between Mount Longhu and Mount Wuyi, about 85 km from the Lung Fu Shan, Wuyi Mountain from about 170 km. The resort is surrounded by mountains, fresh air, elegant environment, green coverage rate of 92% or more, a natural oxygen bar, said the resort by the forest resource exploration area, spa bath area, fitness area, sports area, VIP functional area, It is an ideal place for sightseeing, leisure and health preservation and for organizing various business activities and meeting training. The spring water outlet is located in the hillside of Hibiscus Mountain. It is a rare natural hot spring with natural hot springs. The temperature of the outlet water is about 43.5 degrees Celsius and the daily flow is about 1600 tons. It belongs to the high quality drinkable hot spring. Hot springs and many hot springs here are different, is truly rare Yuanyangquan, cold spring, hot spring two pairs in the spring, separated from Yingchi, a cold one hot, a Wang cold biting, a Wang warm just skin, with Unique cultural taste. Hot springs surrounded by dense forests, towering old trees, Youxi winding, the natural environment is very unique. Water is a carbonic acid hot spring, silicon, lithium, selenium, radon and other rich in beneficial to the human body a variety of trace mineral elements, and contains rare health minerals "selenium", help to consume body heat to achieve weight loss Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, the protection of the liver and other effects. Four-star resort hotel, 2-4 storey building, with independent parking, visitors reception center, restaurant, conference room, swimming pool, beauty gym and other infrastructure to accommodation, conferences, catering As the main function.

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    Zixi the United States, the United States in her up to 87.3% of the forest coverage, which is an intoxicating green sea, misty, mountain color Mongolia. Zixi Maotoushan Nature Reserve is a national nature reserve, is a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest area, preserved a more complete natural forest ecological types and a variety of natural landscape, the forest coverage rate of 90% , There are many state-level protection of flora and fauna and well-preserved virgin forest, known as "natural oxygen bar, the rare animal and plant gene pool." Wandering in the beautiful landscape of Ma Tau Shan virgin forest volume, forget the hustle and bustle of the city, return to a quiet.

    Is located in the southern part of Jiangxi Province, Zixi County, 17 km from the county, is one of the few ethnic minorities living in the province is one of the national agricultural tourism demonstration sites, "national unity and progress of advanced collective", "national civilized villages and towns" , The province's rural tourism demonstration, the provincial 4A level rural tourism. She ethnic people hi song Shangwu, She clothing, dance, martial arts is unique. Chen's wife in the village temple, is the She people worship ancestors, seek medical attention. Every lunar calendar two, seven, eight fifteen, must worship ancestors, believe in ghosts and gods, do Ciba, show devouring glass tiles, fire, knife power, bench power and other traditional skills. Every celebration of marriage and birthday, production and labor, hanging mourners and students, regardless of men, women and children should be "song." Into the She Village, see stunt performances, product "daughter of red wine", taste "Xian Tong" fresh, tour idyllic beauty, folk songs add to the fun, explore She mysterious, do not have a style. Small Crescent Village before and after the emergence of four national representatives, that is, the Sixth and Seventh National People's Congress, Fifteen Congress and the World Women's Association, the Eleventh and Twelfth National People's Congress, the original CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Mao Zhiyong, the former provincial party secretary Meng Jianzhu and other leaders have come to the village inspection, gave a high evaluation. At present, the She folk song and She sacrifice ceremony were included in the provincial non-material cultural and genetic protection list.

    National AAA-level tourist attractions, cultural village to Museum Pavilion, retro architecture, cultural relics collection, folk reproduction, customs and other forms, to show the ancient Baiyue folk customs and cultural customs, for tourists in the pure Zixi landscape after the tour to provide the best The cultural experience and rest. Cultural Village is divided into presentation, display and experience three resort. The introduction of the area to "Baiyue Folk Museum" mainly through text, pictures, sculptures and guided tours to explain the way Baiyue history, celebrity culture; display area to outdoor building mainly through the physical, statues, stage and other forms of display 100 The production and lifestyle of the "rice rice fish"; experience area to carry out various types of lively and interesting activities such as "folk song duet", "Baiyue marriage customs" and so on, and let visitors experience the Baiyue National life scenes.

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    Cultural Park project total investment of 120 million yuan, covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters, the cultural park built a bread theme resort hotel, the whole dragon dynamic film and television, Zixi bread exhibition hall, Zixi bread culture wall, DIY baking dream factory, Full dragon bread training schools, children's happy castle and other projects, is the tourists to understand the river bread culture, enjoy the fun of parent-child interaction the best place.

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    It is named as the national AAA grade tourism scenic spot, which is the first name of the Northern Song Dynasty Neo - Confucianists, thinkers, philosophers, educators and poets Li Bai (the word Taibo 1009 - 1059), which integrates ecological education, sightseeing and entertainment, Cultural tourism, tourism and leisure functions in one, the park has a forest park, Lake Taber, Taber Square, Taibo sculpture, Tabor House, longevity Gallery and other natural and cultural landscape, Zixi County to do bigger cities , To enhance the city taste, improve the city functions, improve the living environment and built a city theme ecological cultural park, has become a capital city construction of a beautiful business card.

    Shi Xia Xiang Zhuhai tourist park including Shixia Township 7 administrative villages and Shixia forest farm, Zixi county is one of the 0 to build ten tourist attractions. The forest area of 18 acres, which has more than 12 acres of bamboo, the forest coverage rate reached more than 92%, is the natural forest oxygen bar, the steep hill here, deep gorge, secluded valley, dense forests. The forest fresh air, mild climate, summer cool, quiet environment, people like to enter the land of idyllic beauty. Eco tourism park mainly has 1000 acres of organic rice; white tea 2800 acres; ecological farming mainly has more than 12 black chicken feather (black chicken body black, producing green shell eggs and its nutritional value and taste than ordinary varieties).

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    Is located in Zixi County, southwest of the city close to the city center from the 2 km, by the Chinese music group investment in construction, is expected to total investment of 1.2 billion, is a sightseeing, leisure, health, vacation in one large integrated tourism projects, Area of ??10 square kilometers, of which forest area of ??7 square kilometers, water area of ??3 square kilometers of lakes, in general, divided into South and North two Area, the order of development after the first South, South Area to tourism development and construction of the main, North Area Zeyi ecological residence based. Jiulong Lake tourism construction adhering to the "protection of vegetation ecology first, the development of tourism economy second" principle and philosophy, planning and design will Lake, islands, streams, waterfalls, swamps, wetlands, poultry and other natural ecological resources into culture, Dynamic and other characteristics, improve the tourism product structure and urban functions. The resort adopts ancient and modern blend of Chinese and Western architectural style, with the southern Italian architectural style as the keynote, together with the natural simplicity, primitive ecological Chinese architecture, so that visitors into the resort, both to experience exotic, but also enjoy the Chinese landscape Pastoral scenery. Scenic areas to create the project are: Tuscany castle hotel, winery, bird's nest housing resort, eco-residential town, indoor rainforest hot springs, Baiyue legacy water stage show, canyon scenery, fishing Shui Zhai, Commercial streets and a variety of water sports, and other rich, after the completion will be a sightseeing, leisure, field training extension, the main features of the pilgrimage ceremony of eco-tourism resort. A construction project in February 2012 officially started, in May 2014 has been open to foreign business.

    Wuyishan, Wuyishan is located in the southern suburbs of Wuyishan city in Fujian Province, the northern section of the east foot of Wuyishan Mai total area of 999.75 square kilometers, is a famous scenic spot and summer resort Chinese. Wuyishan is usually located in the southwest of Wuyishan city in Fujian province 15 kilometers Wuyishan, Fujian called the first mountain, is a typical Danxia landform, is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots.

    Wuyishan is the three mountains. Since the Qin and Han Dynasties, Wuyishan plume Zen habitat, leaving a lot of temples, monasteries and nunneries was. Wuyishan was also the Confucian scholars advocate to give lectures.

    Wuyishan nature reserve is the best and most abundant ecosystem in the same latitude area of the earth, with 2527 species of plants and 5000 species of wild animals.

    Wuyishan is the world's cultural and natural heritage, World Biosphere Reserve, the national key cultural relics protection units (Wuyishan Yamu group), the national key scenic spots, national AAAAA level scenic spots, National Nature Reserve, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, eco tourism demonstration area, national civilized scenic area demonstration.

    cultural heritage

    Wuyishan scenery

    From the historical and scientific perspective, Wuyishan has the outstanding universal value, not only can provide a unique testimony to the lost ancient civilization and traditional culture, but also has a direct and substantial connection with the Confucianism civilization, with the world cultural heritage third, 5. Given the nature of the Wuyishan unique and superior natural environment, attracting generations, noble and gentle men fumiomi generals in the mountains or sightseeing, or seclusion, or writing, or apprentices, one after another, you come to me. The natural landscape to cultivate the temperament of the people, inspire people's wisdom, the spread of human activities, the development of Wuyishan, the natural landscape to add luster. The wisdom of our ancestors, who stopped leaving a large number of cultural relics in JIUQUXI on both sides: there are thousands of years of high cliff immortal gully ship coffin 18; Zhu Xi, Cai Yuanding, Xiong you Zuo Wo, etc., the Hongru 35 sites; have called China ancient calligraphy art treasure of ancient cliff 450 there are parties, government officials and villagers to protect the ancient landscape and wildlife Wuyi ban 13 party; have the monk Temple Temple and the ruins of more than 60.

    Ancient min clan culture

    Gully ship coffin, dating back 3750 years, at home and abroad is found in the ruins of the earliest cliff; Wuyishan has rich historical and cultural relics. As early as 4000 years ago, our ancestors have lived in this work, and gradually formed a unique China occupies at home and abroad the "ancient Fujian clan" culture and the subsequent "Fujian family culture, for 2000 years, leaving a large number of cultural relics. This period reflects the cultural characteristics of the main "gully ship coffin", "Hongqiao plate" and covers an area of 480 thousand square meters of the Han Dynasty Fujian Wangcheng site.

    In the eastern part of Wuyishan cliff caves of the gully ship coffin, Hongqiao plate is the ancient ancestors of burial relics, dating back 3000 years. Pieces of cotton in the coffin is Chinese discovered the first kind of cotton textiles. Wuyi gully ship coffin is one of the oldest ones found in domestic. Therefore, Wuyishan is the birthplace of archaeologists believe was coffin burial custom, in fact is the research and gone history of the pre Qin China ancient Fujian culture is extremely precious data.

    Ancient Seoul site

    Seoul Wuyishan site is more than 2200 years ago, "modern" city, in December 1999, was included in the world heritage list, but also the country's only included in the "World Heritage" list of the Han Dynasty Wangcheng site. Site covers an area of 480 thousand square meters of Seoul site, with a high historical and cultural and research value. It is Chinese to the south of the Yangtze River the most complete preservation of a Han Dynasty ancient city, unique in style and create a site, building, is a typical representative of China south of the ancient city, occupies an important position in the history of architecture and China world. Has unearthed a large number of precious cultural relics, such as pottery, ceramics, building materials, iron bronze Wadang, representing the advanced productive forces, the highest level Chinese civilization, for the study of the Han Dynasty and the rise and fall of the Minyue people Jiangnan Economic and cultural development of the important materials for steve. In December 20, 2013, Wuyishan Seoul site into the National Archaeological park.

    Taoist fairyland

    Teach that Taoism has thirty-six cave, seventy-two blessed, is immortal abode of recreation. The world thinks all powerful territory, more auspicious, salty with admiration. The latent Moxiu people, like in the quiet mountain escape, so choose a place to build the legend of immortal trace, temple, Xian Feng and gongdao period shade garden thawing. Since in the past, a Taoist priest, stay, pilgrims tourists in a continuous line, it has become a scenic spot China the beautiful rivers and mountains of the blessed spot. Also known as the thirty-six fairyland blessed spot.

    wuyi palace

    Wuyi Palace also known as Huixian outlook, outlook, Chong woo million years palace, located in the south of dawangfeng, overlooking Jiuqu Xikou, Wuyi Jun is the ancient imperial worship place, is the country's six famous view of the song dynasty. According to "Wuyi Chi" records: Wuyi palace was built during the reign of Tang Tianbao (742 - 755), is a palace of the oldest in Wuyishan, has been one thousand years of history. Wuyi palace was first built, not in this site, but the house in the song Zhou Zhu, said the day of the hall. The Southern Tang Bao sophomore years (944 years), Yuan Zongli Wang Jing for his brother Li Liangzuo "Ci Rong into the road, before construction of this site," Huixian view". Huixian view after the completion of ancient feudal rulers in the fairy house, do not spend lots of money, several repairs and expansion of the palace, the name "Zhong you view". Xin Qiji, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty poet Lu You, the philosopher Liu Zijun and Zhu Xi are in charge of Chong woo view. Yuan Tai five years (1328), changed to a palace. The palace called "million years". Ming orthodox four years (1439), the concept of Bingxian destroyed. Tianshun, Chenghua period (1457 - 1487), although the official times for repair, are not restored. Jiajing four years (1525), by view of the fire, the next gen complex. Is the Wuyi palace. For a long time the Wuyi palace, although each dynasty has to be repaired, but could not resist several fire and the flames of war, after leaving only a few rooms available. 2006 in the years to 2008, in support of tourism, cultural department, Wuyi palace hall and restored the courtyard of the two strains of laurel, is the song remains down, is 800 - 900 years old. Comprehensive recovery plan will gradually carry out the Wuyi palace. This is one of the famous view will reproduce the old majestic.


    natural heritage

    Tianyou peak

    Tianyou peak altitude of 408M, the relative height of 215m. It is an extension of the rock ridge from north to south, East Xianyou rock, West Cliff cut Xianzhang peak, peak, rise steeply Maninsan, towering peaks. There is a peak on the stream along the cliff flow peak base, forming elevation of about 120m springs. The peak number of trees, a wild profusion of vegetation evergreen broad-leaved forest. The famous geographer in the Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake praise: "the stream as Jiuxi victory, this should be the first peak is solid."

    The peak near the walls of flax Jian, ancient inscriptions nearly at the. One of the biggest one is called "the first mountain", the Department of general Wu Xian south of the Five Ridges winter light Renchen inscribed by Xu Qingchao. Mean tianyoufeng is "Wuyi first resort", should be known as "the first mountain". Some people explained that Wuyishan is a famous Taoist, thirty-six cave in sixteenth liters of cave really.

    Jiuqu Stream

    JIUQUXI River Scenic Area

    JIUQUXI river originates in the dense forest of Wuyishan nature reserve, a total length of 62.8 km. A section of the scenic river in addition to the nature of the river by the role of bending, but also by the formation of a number of strata fracture direction control, the formation of deep Hequ, so that the 9.5 km long river, a straight line distance of only 5 km, the curvature of 1.9. JIUQUXI clear water, abundant water, water quality up to the national surface water standard class 1.

    Dahongpao area

    The center is located in the Wuyishan scenic area of the famous Grand Canyon Scenic scenic Dahongpao, "Kowloon nest". This is a East-West faults control the development of the deep valley, valley deep, on both sides of strip cuestas towering, bone stone rocks nine Feng Wei, North and south, Pianlie confrontation unique joint development, the ridge height fluctuation.

    The magnitude of growth in Kowloon nest known to the world by the north on the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. Here on top of a small two square bonsai style ancient tea tea, ancient luxuriant six strains with luxuriant foliage. It has a history of more than 340 years.

    In July 2007, the last 350 years since picking trees 20 grams of Dahongpao tea were Chinese treasures of the National Museum, which is the first modern tea is hidden in the country bo. In the future, Wuyishan will no longer make parent Dahongpao tea.

    The water curtain cave

    Wuyishan is one of the seventy-two famous Shuiliandong cave in Wuyishan. Located in the north of the Tangjian chapter. Enter the scenic sites, there is a small waterfall from Xia Bin rock feixie, known as the small cave, Shijiershang, reach shuiliandong. The roof rock ramps, burrow deep in the rock convergence of the waist. The oblique open and roof sunshade. Two hundred meters from waterfalls pouring inclined rock top, like the two dragon jet floating mountains, and like it, two bead curtain, hanging from the sky to the earth, it is also called the bead curtain hole.

    The water curtain cave with vertical red cliff inscription. There are seven rip Zhu Xi: "how can it be so clear, as is the springhead" Zhuanti word. The Ming Dynasty attractions inscription "Shuiliandong" and "ancient stone couplets sunny eaves rain all day, spring and autumn flowers on a bead".

    National Nature Reserve of Wuyishan

    Wuyishan scenery

    Is famous for mountain majestic appearance and biodiversity in Wuyishan nature reserve, located in Fujian province Wuyishan, Jianyang, three city (county), Polish Jiangxi Province Qianshan County, a total area of 56527.4 hectares, the main peak is located in Huanggang in Jiangxi Province Qianshan County Tung Village, the highest peak 2157.8 meters above sea level, for the first peak is the highest mountain in the southeast, East China six provinces and one city area, known as the "east ridge", "Wuyi pillar". Is the largest nature reserves in Fujian Province, 60 kilometers away from the urban area of Wuyishan, is in the subtropical forest ecosystem in the same latitude with the preservation of the integrity of the protected area, built in 1979, is a national key protected area of forest ecosystem and wild animal type, 1987 by the United Nations UNESCO admitted to the "network member of man and biosphere" the world natural reserve, 1992 by the United Nations as the global biodiversity conservation area. National Nature Reserve has been built 155. The Wuyishan Museum of natural history is built near the three port of the protected area.

    Protected areas stretching peaks, northern huanggangshan is 2158 meters above sea level, is the peak of Southeast China mainland, known as the "East China known as" the roof of the resort, about 90 kilometers from Huanggang peak. It contains all the vegetation types in the subtropical zone of China, and is known as the world famous wild animal park. Climbing along the Huanggang, viewablity Tongmu Guan fault zone, ancient Jian waterfall, and enjoy the vertical vegetation spectrum: vertical distribution at an altitude of 350-1400 meters is Castanopsis eyrei, Schima superba and other species; distribution at an altitude of 500-1700 meters is coniferous broad-leaved forest transition; distribution at an altitude of 1700-1970 meters for Zhongshan elfin forest distribution in 1700-2158 meters Huanggang in the slope top or low-lying areas for Zhongshan meadow belt, due to extreme environment, growing wild bcabrescens, biogas, Arundinella raw form "green mountain grassland". Zhongshan meadow, sunrise and the sea of clouds is a major tourist attractions in the huanggang. There are more than 5000 kinds of wild animals in Wuyishan by 2012. 57 kinds of national key protected animals.

    1999 L2 months, reserve and Wuyishan scenic area of the joint declaration of the world heritage site successfully, this area has become the only one is a World Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Preservation District double, in December 2006 by the national forestry bureau as the first national natural protection zone demonstration unit. Wuyishan protected areas in the west coast and even the national ecological construction has a very important position and role, has become a business card in Fujian forestry.


    Great Jinhu geological park with Danxia landform landscape as the main body, at the same time, there are granite landform landscape and cultural landscape and so on. Danxia landform spatial distribution: North of the town of Longhu Tiancheng rock on the stream, to the southwest by Taining Chengguan mountain, remember to read the top sub, after the south to Maoer Mountain, Dragon Rock, Cliff (eight teeth top) to the Dragon Anxiang, were distributed on the stream, Jinhu, Dragon Rock, eight immortals rock four red basin. The plane form an approximate "distribution pattern" shape of the North East 34 kilometers, 29 kilometers long from north to south, the total area of 215.2km2.

    Big Jinhu is located in the northwest of Fujian Province, which belongs to Taining County, Sanming City province. Great Jinhu geological park with Danxia landform landscape as the main body, at the same time, there are granite landform landscape and cultural landscape and so on.

    Danxia landform spatial distribution: North of the town of Longhu Tiancheng rock on the stream, to the southwest by Taining Chengguan mountain, remember to read the top sub, after the south to Maoer Mountain, Dragon Rock, Cliff (eight teeth top) to the Dragon Anxiang, were distributed on the stream, Jinhu, Dragon Rock, eight immortals rock four red basin.

    The plane form an approximate "distribution pattern" shape of the North East 34 kilometers, 29 kilometers long from north to south, the total area of 215.2km2, the general from the northeast to the southwest gradually increased, with the sub top, Long Wangyan, the top line for the Jinhu Daya Danxia landform highest zone, which pahsien Cliff (the highest peak for the top teeth) that altitude is 907.6m, the best development of the most typical areas of the zone is the peak and column landform, is also the most concentrated areas of scenic spots.

    In the southwest of Danxia landform and granite landform landscape, the middle part has the humanities landscape.

    The general geological park can be divided into 5 scenic areas (i.e. Qingxi scenic area, visit the old city of Taining District, Jinhu Dragon Rock Scenic Area - Baxian cliff scenic areas, Gold Mountain Scenic Area), 11 scenic spots, 13 landscape group, 160 scenic spots.

    Fujian Jinhu tourist area includes Jinhu, Qingxi, top rock, Luo Hanshan, the ancient city of Taining in February 11, 2005 to become the five major scenic spots, UNESCO "Taining World Geological Park" the core part, becoming Wuyishan "and" after another in the world class tourist attractions in Fujian.

    Moreover, Jinhu is also has five national brand of tourism scenic spots, including the national key scenic spots, national AAAA class tourist area, National Geological Park, national key cultural relics protection units, the national Forest Park.