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Film and Television City


In addition to the thrills of long mountain rafting and juneon, there is a very interesting place, is called "little Hengdian" big Jue town.

Walk along the winding mountain road, along the mountain peaks, wind around the clouds, the magnificent shows a dash of mystery. Turned a sharp bend, went to the town of Dajue mountain town.

Here is a combination of landscape topography to create blend of long town. In the town street with six lane bridge, arch bridge, stone paved streets lined with shops, wine flag with the breeze, the gallery Youyuan, streets and happy spring tour garden, romantic Dong Yongzhai building, like a Song Dynasty painting, filling the Song Dynasty town bustling.

Shooting here is the TV series "angel matches" after the. Dong Yong Tianxianpei and seven fairies of the classic love story with the Huangmei Opera Aria "husband and wife had come back home......" And the hearts of the people, so people will come here to see Dong Yong and Dong Yongzhai, feel the pastoral romantic fairy men tilling the farm and women weaving. There are unmarried youth to this, in order to dip stick with sin, the future will also marry a fairy home......