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Long hill, originated from Buddhism Buddha, refers to the conscious practice of people; is the world Buddhist cultural park.

Great men, is the enlightenment, the highest spiritual realm of the saints.

Long hill, the first long culture as the theme of the scenic area, located in the eastern part of Jiangxi Province, Fuzhou city in Zixi County, the Wuyi Mountains Xilu, peak elevation of 1647 meters, the total planning area of 204 square kilometers, respectively, East and West, east to 300 thousand acres of forests as the core of the original forest tourist area; in the Western religious culture, canyon rafting comprehensive tourism as the main scenic spot. The forest coverage rate reached 97.43%, the air of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of up to thirty thousand, is a natural oxygen bar, plant gene pool, by the State Forestry Bureau for the Southern China tiger reintroduction base.

Long hill created by nature, extraordinary as if done by the spirits. Smart landscape, exquisite beyond compare. The natural interpretation of the long culture, canyon waterfall, the Millennium town, perfect qishanxiushui and pavilions, terraces and open halls, the soul of culture fusion, the universe contains a mysterious road.

Great men peak is the core landscape Jue, like the Shakya Muni LAN layer greatly discerning and apprehending, mountains, high mountains and lofty Hills between natural landscape, natural calm Guanyin, beautiful scenery, mysterious nature and endless mystery.

Big Jue scenic spots, the unique use of ecological resources, invite domestic and international famous tourism experts planning, combined with the high-tech tourism culture concept, reasonable project development.

At an altitude of 300 meters to 1200 meters to build Baidu sightseeing cars, monorail formed 30 km tour and sightseeing car ropeway, link tunnel, trails as a whole. In the scenic range link ride sightseeing series from the planning to the hilltop temple and along the cliff landscape. Hidden mountains, lakes, pavilions, caves, pavilion, lake, road, bridge, day rock, Tianquan, Tianmen, rooftop, street, a wonderful heaven "nine days" landscape; 8 peaks in the mountain "nine days" under the lotus peak, the turtle peak, peak, peak, general Bijia Ping Feng, Wen Qufeng, Jin Gangfeng, Luo Feng stack up, constitute the "eight" landscape. In the "nine days of eight, 100, enjoy the beautiful panoramic landscape", "mountain water, Epiphany is really feel heaven".

On the big Jue came to the cave in the mountains, long temple, Buddhist Madadayo cigarettes. Jue temple was built in the salty and the first year (AD 326 years), since 1700 has been the history of the Tang Dynasty monk - Hangzhou Lingyin Temple in Jackson masquerade from dust, once wander far, Zen Buddha, which is named after the great temple. Long rock is a huge granite cave, the cave before the low high, 69 meters deep, 99 meters wide, 19 meters high, it is rare, by the temple main hall, Tibetan temple, Guanyin temple, Temple Temple is composed of seven parts, the formation of Taoism integrated a temple. The temple on the west side of the "loham" "reading rock", for the wonderful.

The Northern Song Dynasty Confucian Li Gou Zixi (Gou) is a famous thinker, educator, Fan Zhongyan's policy ideas and Wang Anshi reform thoughts are attributed to him, according to legend, Li Gou's father married for many years without a son, then to the big Buddha Zi Jue, finally got it. The prime minister Yan Shu and Li Gounai friends, two people had left many man with long hill, poetry works.

Is located in the gorge in the Jue Town, from ancient to modern times, has witnessed numerous pilgrimage footsteps, inspired the men of literature and writing pride, today's big Jue Town, built in the building for volley, shape, culture as the soul, into a river, the whole town nine house, reproduction song character, a meditation retreat, leisure vacation the resort, writing a millennium downtown, TV drama "angel matches" was filmed here after.

The long mountain canyon rafting stimulation, passing through a valley, three Bay, six pool, nine waterfalls, rapids Yong Jin, ups and downs, known as the "light the passion of life, enjoy the natural essence of" reputation.

Clean environment, fantastic natural landscape, rich in culture, attracting tens of thousands of tourists of the eight party, long mountain is already in the eyes of the world "mountain water, think of heaven"!

"If the peak friction sleep for nine days, Wu Qing, heart like penetration into" red tie Jue, brush, wash heart thousands of mountains, and enjoy almost disregard all favours or humiliations,? Have fun in the landscape, like to sleep!

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fuzhou direction:

beijing - the speed of the open economy are the G35 →. high speed S46 (Zixi, Shaowu (Zixi direction), the south city road south) Zixi → → 316 national road town → exit → (fujian direction)

direction: after.

in this paper, the swiss high-speed → (the south) → Zixi south city county → → 316 national road town in the end

Shaowu direction:

the national highway 316 → Zixi city together

window (south 昌) direction:

line 1 of the Zixi → 316 road in the city of → Zixi economic speed of the G35 →. high speed S46 (Zixi, Shaowu direction) (Zixi south direction) → →, window (south east → blessing 昌), the high speed G70 (fuzhou direction)

in the window (south 昌) in southwest → shanghai - kunming high speed G60 (after coal, shanghai direction), the high speed G70 blessing the economic speed of the G35 →. high speed S46 (Zixi, Shaowu direction) (Zixi south direction) → (fuzhou direction) → → Zixi city road south → → 316 national road, town of

shanghai direction:

shanghai - kunming high speed high speed wide economic → → (extension to the coal transport) - louis road (the south) Zixi south city county → → 316 national road town → exit

hangzhou (change in direction),)

shanghai - kunming high speed long shenzhen expressway → → → economy and the high speed (the extension to the coal transport) - louis road (the south) → Zixi south city county → → 316 national road town in the end