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Entertainment in the Zixi


Visit the movie city


Dajue Mountain Television Town selected in the Dajue Mountain scenic area of the official station and the United States and the two sides, combined with topography to create a landscape blend of the Song Dynasty town. Three street then six lanes, bridges and even arch bridge, Qingshi Ban paved streets along the shops, wine flags floating in the wind, the gallery Youyuan, the ancient street side there Happy Happy Spring Court, warm and romantic Dong Yongzhai , As if a Songming Qingming River. Walking in the Great Mountain Television City, as through to the ancient, personally feel Dong Yong and seven fairies men and women cultivate the weaving of rural idyllic romantic.

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Address: Long Mountain Scenic Area

To do Zixi bread

Zixi bread originated in the late 1980s, 1987 by the two veterans Zhang Xie Wang and Hong Tao in Yingtan, the first to start the capital of the first bakery. Through the hard skills and hard work, they have achieved success, from the majority of the people of Zixi find a good way to get rich. They pro-pro, neighborhood to teach technology, provide information, support funds, from a group spread to a village, a township, and quickly spread throughout the county. Go out to do bread in the capital of the rapid formation of the Liaoyuanzhishi the number of practitioners more and more industrial scale is growing. After 10 years of development, Zixi County has become the country's famous "bread village."

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Bubble method of water mandarin duck hot springs

Milk bath: hot spring water to join the natural milk, pleasant aroma, whitening skin, soothing beauty, sterilization and aroma effect.

Aloe Pool: Aloe Essence with hot spring water, the combination of the two can achieve detoxification, eliminate skin horny to acne, Rejuvenation whitening effect

Angelica Decoction: treatment of headache, fatigue, internal injuries, diuresis, blood and blood role; to stimulate the female uterus muscle, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation effect; another anti-vitamin E deficiency, beauty skin care.

Mint soup: add hot peppermint peppermint, a pure heart Reduce Pathogenic Fire, scattered Fengreqing Liyan pharynx, detoxification anti-cold effect

Vinegar soup: hot spring water by adding vinegar, pleasant aroma, firming wrinkle after bath to restore skin elasticity,

Ginseng Soup: hot spring pool, such as the precious ginseng, there Dabu vitality, Fumai solid off, Spleen lung, Sheng Jin Shen effect

Lemon Pool: Add the lemon into the hot spring water, soak up to lose weight, remove toxins, delicate skin effect

Red wine bath: hot spring water by adding expensive red wine, promote blood circulation, fitness skin effect

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Address: Law Water Spa Resort

Tour of Jiulong Lake

Jiulong Lake adopts the ancient and modern blend of Chinese and Western architectural style, with the architectural style of southern Italy as the keynote, together with the natural simplicity and primitive ecology of Chinese architecture, let the tourists into the resort, can experience exotic, but also enjoy the Chinese landscape Pastoral scenery. Scenic areas to create the project are: Tuscany castle hotel, winery, Bird's Nest Resort, eco-living town, canyon scenery, fishing Shui Zhai, South China tiger wild breeding base and a wealth of water recreation sports , Is a tourist sightseeing, leisure, field training extension, the main features of the pilgrimage ceremony of the ecological tourism resort.

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Listen to She folk songs

She folk songs, She is the people in the production, life struggle in the creation of oral literature, is an important part of the She traditional culture. She people like folk songs, songs endorsement, communication feelings; to song on the matter, Yangshan good punish evil; to tell the song, than Rui wisdom. Not only marriage festivals and festivals to sing, and in the production of labor, entertain guests, leisure break, love when singing, even in the funeral of sorrow, but also to cry on behalf of the song, pour Zhongchang. In the old society, the She people in the struggle with the ruling class, often with folk songs as a weapon to express hatred of the oppressors and the pursuit of good. After the liberation, to praise the Chinese Communist Party leadership and the new life of socialism as the main content of the revolutionary folk songs and hymns, reflecting the She people new thinking style, and traditional mountain song quality distinction. Folk songs generally four lines, seven-style rhyme for a, four as a song. There are a few words for the first sentence of three words or five words, pay attention to rhyme, the third sentence of the last word to be Chek.

Look at the She Performances

She folk traditional dance is mainly worship, funeral and production labor and other aspects of dance. She dance more common in doing merit, "pull injury", "fight Huang", ancestors and other activities. (Or read) while dancing, there are single, double, four or group dance, dance movements are mostly hunting action. These have a strong sense of the times and rich ethnic style of the new dance, in the country's national art show in the She ethnic dance unique style.

Pick strawberries

With the rise of sightseeing agriculture, more and more people like to experience rural life in rural vegetable and fruit orchard. Spring is the season of strawberry market, tourists come to Zixi can pick strawberries, while picking and eating, enjoyable. Strawberry, also known as cranberries, Yang Lin, raspberry, etc., is a red flower and fruit. Strawberry high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C, to help digestion effect, at the same time, strawberries can also consolidate the gums, fresh breath, moist larynx. Spring anger is often relatively strong, eat strawberries can play a inhibitory effect.

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Pick grapes


Among all the autumn fruit, the most lovable is probably the number of grapes. Rose grape is not ripe when the purple is shallow, like rose petals, like the taste of slightly acidic with sweet, but purple in the mature black, an entrance, there is a rose of Qin fragrance into the heart of the spleen, , No bit of bitter taste. Succulent solid easy to transport, easy storage, handling is not easy to drop beads. Its sugar content of up to 20 degrees, musk flavor, color good-looking, by the consumer favorite. So in the autumn approaching, go to the vineyard picking fruit it, hoping to pick to a sweet Zizi fall.

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Abstract Yangmei


Huang Meiyu season, Amidst the rainy, plum rain bursts, Xiaohe was exposed sharp corners, May Yangmei has full forest. Leisure was nothing to sneak in, pick up the mountain to taste fresh red bayberry. Just picked from the tree of bayberry, looks fresh, tender and dripping, red with yellow, yellow with red, red and yellow and white, fully ripe red bayberry is black and red, looks red is purple, purple Was shiny, like a black pearl, crystal clear, people love at hand, looking at the greedy DC saliva, Shengjinzhike. There is a poem: "Yan Hong Diego hanging green sticks, want to be ripe bayberry, the good fruit and more sweet and sour taste, Sheng Jin Jie Yu is willing to know."

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