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Purchase in the Zixi


Fall in love with the river no reason, because the slow in the streets of the city, the roadside shop has become a can not copy the scenery elsewhere, bakeries, tea shops, organic agricultural shops, all kinds of delicacies shops, specialty crafts shop ... ... one next to one, giving people a sense of Ling Lang everywhere. Here is a shopping paradise, different styles of shops, so we are full of the thrill of Taobao, Pandora here to open the box, countless treasures are displayed in front of us, waiting for us to explore.

Every time we come to Zixi, we have a few places to go, taste the food here is very famous, and then take some special products to go, but also worthwhile to this tour.

First stop: Zixi bread


Zixi bread, although all over the country Dazhong Xiao city, but here, Zixi bread home, we must go to taste it delicious. While watching the scenery, while tasting the fragrance of bread, watching the small town where people busy figure, the original life can be so unique.

The second leg: Zixi white tea


Here, I would like to recommend Zixi white tea, white tea is a kind of light fermented tea, belonging to the treasures of tea, because its leaves Phi cents, such as silver snow named. It looks green, brewed after the shape of Feng Yu, with a taste Xianshuang, soup color yellow, clear and bright, sweet and so on aftertaste. As if staged a ballet, so people get enough.

The third station: organic agricultural products

Here, the excellent ecological environment and unique geographical location, so gave birth to a rich variety of organic agricultural products, such as organic rice, tea, grapes, strawberries, bamboo green shell eggs.

In Zixi, about 50 million mu of bamboo forest, rich bamboo shoots, and a wide range. Here, I would like to recommend a characteristic Shanzhen - mushroom, is a precious wild edible mushrooms, the growth environment is very picky, so it's high nutritional value, production is rare, is the top grade fungi specialty. Come to Zixi, be sure to taste this dish delicious food Oh!

The fourth station:Zixi Shanzhen

With the gradual popular green food, Shanzhen products has become the domestic and foreign markets much of the popular natural food, its nutritional value as early as the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Herbal Supplements", "medicinal properties" and other medical books have documented , Shanzhen with enhanced immune function of health care. "Compendium of Materia Medica," the author Li Shizhen is "fresh mountain food, people easy to live," the Millennium old saying. Zixi is a bamboo township with Chinese characteristics, rich in forest resources, rich in natural resources, rich in bamboo shoots, bracken, edible fungus and mushroom and other Shanzhen native products, taste very delicious, is an indispensable food VIP guests.

The fifth station: Bamboo Crafts


The bamboo handicrafts, products, Ling Lang everywhere, the main products are bamboo vases, bamboo charcoal jewelry, bamboo plate, bamboo tea, bamboo baking paint, lacquer painting, and other products. Technology superb, set to watch and practical in one, the products are sold throughout the country and Japan, Korea, Russia, the United States and other places.