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Brief Introduction of ZIXI


Located in the eastern part of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Zixi County is located in the middle of the Wuyi Mountains. It covers an area of 1251 square kilometers and has a total population of 126,000. It is the lowest density county in Jiangxi Province. The county forest coverage rate as high as 87.3%, negative oxygen ions in the air content of up to 360,000 / cubic centimeter, the ecological environment comprehensive evaluation index out of central 585 counties first, the third, is the national ecological demonstration county, the national peace County, the township of Chinese bread, has been named China's eco-tourism county, China's top ten leisure and tourism county, China's most famous tourist counties, Jiangxi Tourism County, was classified as South China tiger wild release base.

Pure ecological environment, unique human history, beautiful landscape landscape intertwined, breeds a wealth of tourism resources. In recent years, Zixi has developed the 4A National Tourism Scenic Area with the theme of "Dajiaoshan Mountain", which is the theme of experiencing the drift of the Grand Canyon Adventure, the Song Dynasty Movie Town, and the "Three Religions in One". To Taoist health, Bamboo Sea sightseeing, As the theme of the Dajue mountain water hot springs to Tuscany Castle Hotel, indoor rainforest spa, water Baiyue left rhyme, tourism and business-oriented living characteristics of the Jiulong Lake eco-tourism resort to Taiwan style performances, snacks As the theme of the Taiwan style garden and other scenic spots, the construction of the Green Island International Hotel, Golden Eagle Business Hotel 9 three-star or above tourist hotels, the introduction of King Tin Industrial, Bamboo Crafts and other tourism commodity production projects, opened in Shanghai, Suzhou to Zixi multi-trip tourism train, successfully held the '2012 Dajue Mountain International Eco-Tourism Festival and other activities to promote the rapid development of the county's tourism industry and quickly become the province of leisure and tourism hot spots. In 2014, the county exceeded 2.5 million visitors, the total tourism revenue of 1.5 billion yuan, is the province's key tourism industry development counties.

Attractions Traffic

Tourist bus

Fuzhou to Dajue Hill: Fuzhou first bus ride to the capital, the capital has a large mountain to the mountain bus

Travel by car

Fuzhou to Dajue Shan from Fuzhou to drive to the first river, and then to the big mountain, to the capital all the way to the signs, a good find

Tourist routes

Nanchang to Dajue Hill

First, from Yaohu Bridge to Nanchang East Expressway - (Nanchang East Expressway Shanghai Rui high speed) - Nancheng (170 km) - (State Road 206 to 316) - Zixi (242 km) - Dajue Mountain (8 km) 3.5 hours

Second, from the Yaohu Bridge to the Nanchang East High Speed - (Nanchang East Expressway Shanghai Rui high speed) - Fuzhou (110 km) - Jinxi (State Road 316) - Zixi (242 km) - Dajue Mountain (8 km) 3. 5 hours