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Dajueshan drift precautions


Do not do dangerous drift action: In general, the river drifting are relatively safe, as long as not free to disembark themselves, not slapstick each other, do not take the initiative to catch the floating debris floating in the water and vegetation, rafts do not Will turn. Once the "capsize" it does not matter, choke the gas, be careful not to choke the water on the line, because you wear a life jacket;

Drifting boat through the rapids to listen to the commander of the boatman, do not tamper with, should seize the safety rope, tighten your feet, the body tilted to the central hull;

Note the arrows and logos along the way during the drifting process, which can help you find the main waterway and early warning of falling water.

As a result of the whole area and a large drop area a lot of water, be sure not to carry something afraid of water in order to avoid falling or damaged. Friends with glasses, please find leather band on the glasses. Life jackets must be worn throughout, and when lifted into the water, the life jackets will float, even if you can swim, so that you do not panic when you do not notice the boat.

In the process of drifting, please note that the arrows along the way and slogans, he can help you find the main channel and early warning of falling areas. In the next rapids, the boat with the boat to maintain balance and seize the inside of the handrail with the boat, behind a little body leaning back, double to ensure that the balance of the boat and parallel to the river, down the river.

When the boat by the card can not be anxious to stand up, should stabilize the hull, find a good foothold in order to stand up to ensure that people do not be under the belt and washed down. When you are strayed into the other waterways or stranded, please stand up, find the depths of the boat again, not in the boat on the left and right, because the drift is a kind of physical fitness and courage of your challenge, in the Your security under the premise of protection, under normal circumstances do not interfere with your staff to protect your drift.

Rafting Note:  

1. To ensure your safety, people with disease (****), more than 60 years of age, 1.2 meters below the children refused to participate in drifting projects. .

2. Drifting is a wet body water sports, drifting, please wear a rafting suit or swimwear, wear soft soled shoes in order to avoid scratching the soles of the feet, drift in the process please listen to the staff of scenic command.

3. Please keep your valuables (such as camera, mobile phone, jewelry, watch, car keys, cash, etc.) in the custody before drifting to avoid losing or flooding.

4. Drifting, please tourists wearing helmets correctly, life jackets, attention to guide the sign of the fairway. .

5. Do not remove helmets and life jackets during rafting. Please do not hand over rubber boats or helmets to others or dispose of them at will. It is forbidden to play in the boat or to the danger zone alone in case of accidents.

6. To ensure the safety of you and others is strictly prohibited carrying fragile glass containers and flammable and explosive materials into the river.

7. In the drift, please sit on the boat mat, prohibited under the bottom of the boat

8. Protect the environment, everyone is responsible, please do not throw waste anywhere.