Dajue mountain area

China called the great mountain of a total of two, a county in fuzhou city of jiangxi province in creek, another in fujian jinjiang yonghe town, village east head, ying Lin town west of the border.

Dajue mountain is located in fuzhou city endowment brook county in jiangxi province, Dajue mountain mountains vivid and rich plant resources, wide distribution, by experts as "natural oxygen bar, the national rare animal and plant gene pool".Within the territory of beautiful scenery, hills verdant and precipitous appeal, streams has been clear, natural style of primitive, air pure and fresh, comfortable and pleasant climate, with the national rare in jiangxi province, the first green vegetation, domestic and foreign experts such as attention, known as the "kingdom of ecology, jade xanadu".Mountain scenic area success of great enlightenment to be included in the "new jiangxi province ten scene", its charm.

Mountain temple of great enlightenment for long one of the important scenic spot is located in the mountain tourist zone of great enlightenment, from the scenic entrance 6 kilometers, an area of 18000 mu.Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, religious pilgrimage destination, and hundreds of years of long sleep temple, located at an altitude of 1118 meters of the lianhua natural caves.The hole depth of 12 meters, 60 meters wide, 6 meters high, deep hole profile, the world is rare.Gao Jifeng unique the lianhua mountain, limpid springs "smart", of "double candle stone", and "general stone," mysterious "pagoda" quiet "lu dongbin" reading hole, tall and straight "free and unfettered peak", and give the legendary "dragon bed hole", "random", "fairy stone", "pines" and "turtle true god", "breasts peak" and so on more than 50 spots distribution around Yu Dajiao temple.

Dajue mountain scenic area, located in the eastern part of jiangxi province, fujian and jiangxi border wuyi XiLu, 46 ', longitude 116 ° 27 ° 28 ', north latitude area of 204 square kilometers, is the "kingdom of ecology, Chinese jade" core area of the endowment brook county.Big mountain scenic area with convenient transportation, 316 national road through from the doorway, endowment brook which railway station from the scenic spot is only 7.5 kilometers.Beijing-fuzhou, wide chang mansion, jiyang highway opened to traffic, mountain is but half a day's drive from Shanghai to long.Mount longhu, a famous scenic spot of wuyi mountain, located in shandong, north wing of great enlightenment, tourism location advantage is very obvious.

Hainan ethnic village, chairman of Mr Li since December 31, 2002 is $300 million for the scenic area development and construction, now completed the first phase.Tourist trails and the torrent try airship industry success, hydropower catering fitting together of parts, a castle in the reception in the eaves eagerly, temple expansion in sight, the completion of cableway tiangong place...The second phase is solid and orderly manner.Sleep for one thousand years, hidden mountain of great enlightenment to the world gradually showed thousands of amorous feelings of the clock: song tao sea of clouds, sunrise sunrise, mountain ranges, riptide wears away the stone.Stone, stone, stone pigeon, Buddha figures, lion crouching rests, creations;Drum tam gong pool, longfeng offerings, feibao diarrhoea silver, sing praise,Small eggs, stone cliffs, rocky old vine old tree flourishing....Mountain man is of great enlightenment by an unyielding spirit, outstanding practitioners of natural rule, toward a target for the sustainable development of ecological tourism, for the domestic and foreign tourists experience of natural ecology, healthy and happy to make unremitting efforts.